Gimpy Bomber

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You have been sent across the Universe on a mission to protect the human race from the Cardonians on Planet Cardy. Finally reaching your destination, you must destroy the alien bases even as your fuel is depleting!

With each mission more difficult than the last, do you have what it takes...?

Test your reflexes with this retro-themed arcade experience, from the makers of Lunar Panda.

Lunar Panda Xmas

Lunar Panda Xmas

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It's Christmas time on planet Earth and Mr Panda's making his way the North Pole to help his old friend Santa with some last minute deliveries!

Do you have what it takes?

Lunar Panda Deluxe

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Mr Panda's back and this time he's a got a whole lot more to deal with than just the uneven surfaces of far away planets!

Take control of our furry hero once again and prepare yourself for the harsh winds of Planet Wheezy, the homing mines of planet Cardy, hover cars, floating debris and much more.

Do you have what it takes?

Lunar Panda

Lunar Panda

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Lunar Panda Programming Tutorial

The year is 3016 and Pandas are now the dominant species of planet Earth. They have evolved to the point where they no longer require oxygen and can freely jetpack through the Universe without the need for cumbersome space suits and/or space ships. Amongst this God-like species exists one Panda in particular, known simply as Mr Panda, who left his home planet in search of adventure. He now flies effortlessly through space and time landing on the harsh terrains of faraway planets for the sheer fun of it.

In this revolutionary new video game you take full control of Mr Panda as he negotiates gravity, uneven surfaces and a finite amount of jetpack fuel!

Do you have what it takes?