Adding Level Menus to Lunar Panda

Written by Adrian Killens on .

The level progression of our previous incarnation of Lunar Panda played like an old school video game where you worked your way through the various acts and planets sequentially. This time around we thought it'd be better to add some menu screens a bit like the ones you get in most popular mobile games like Angry Birds etc. So with that revolutionary idea in mind we set to work designing our very own level menu.

We divided the menu into the various planets that make up Lunar Panda and as you complete all the acts that make up each planet then the next planet unlocks. The acts that make up each planet can be completed in any order and the player is free to go back and play levels from previously unlocked planets. To give it a bit more sheen we've also added a little Polaroid graphic for each act along with that levels current high score. The player's progress is stored locally on the device but can be cleared at any point via another menu option if required.

Check out the results here: