What are we doing now?

Written by Dean Edis on .

The development side of Lunar Panda is slowly but surely coming to an end now, in preparation for the official release. We're tidying up a few loose ends, planning the 'Grand Finale' outro sequence, and putting some finishing touches to the level design. This is particularly challenging for our artist, Jose Cubero - Thanks Jose!

We're actually playing the game more than ever to try and find any last minute quirks, and will hopefully have a 'soft release' of the game to some friends and colleagues to gauge a more 'public' opinion and gather feedback.

We've also added a Store section to the site. A few people asked about the Lunar Panda T-Shirts that we had made for ourselves a little while ago, so if you want one you can now buy one. All profits will made go towards pizza and random software licenses!

Watch this space!